Pyoca (pie-oh-ca) is a camp and retreat center affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (USA). Pyoca was founded in 1952 as a Presbyterian Youth Camp in Brownstown, Indiana. In the same year, a junior high counselor named Irene Johns helped a group of junior high girls reshape the name into “Pyoca.” Mrs. Johns and these girls also wrote the words to the Camp Pyoca song, sung to the tune of “The Ash Grove” (see below).

Pyoca was originally built to serve primarily Presbyterian congregations throughout central and southern Indiana. Now we are proud to serve a wide variety of denominations and non-profits across Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, and Ohio. You’ll find that we have alumni scattered all across the globe!

We offer space year round for retreats and conferences, except for a few weeks in the summer when we open our doors for a variety of summer camps. Last year we served over six hundred campers between our own Presbyterian programs and our partner camps.

Pyoca has gone through many changes over the years. Since 1952 we’ve added new cabins, a chapel, a high ropes course, climbing tower, and thousands of new faces. We have room to grow and hope to keep serving our greater community for years to come.

Let us know how we can serve you for your next conference, retreat, or weekday event!


Camp Pyoca Song (sung to the tune of “The Ash Grove”)

Pyoca, Pyoca, your memories will linger,

Of worship and laughter, the things that we love.

Whenever we think of the days that we spend here,

We think of a spirit and a love that is dear.

Pyoca, Pyoca, the lake and the cabins,

The lodge and the chapel are all parts of thee.

Pyoca, Pyoca, thy name duly honored,

We’ll always remember P-Y-O-C-A!

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